INITIAL-DISTRIBUTION  provides shipping services for all INITIAL collaborators and partners.


We focus on shipping items in the quickest way possible, while respecting the environment.



INITIAL-DISTRIBUTION’s mission consists of distributing products to every customers, wherever they are located, in the fastest, lowest-cost and most eco-responsible way possible. With our ultra-efficient distribution system, we have the goal to always satisfy our customers through lean management methods.



Our vision consists of a world where the delays between orders and deliveries are a matter of seconds and in which delivery systems are fully customizable by each clients. We envision a fully automated distribution service, which can provide better working conditions for employees and optimal customer service.

INITIAL-FREIGHT has been the most successful sub-branch of the INITIAL-DISTRIBUTION unit. Time and cost management combined with innovation helped INITIAL-FREIGHT to complete 20% more orders than last year.


Truck Conveyance

Truck delivery is the most cost-efficient method for short distances delivery.

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Overseas Freight

We deliver overseas packages in a faster, more economical way than competition.

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Plane shipment

Plane shipments are the best way to get your long-distance shipment.

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Our numerous warehouses strategically located across the globe.

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Many exciting careers await for you at INITIAL-DISTRIBUTION. Make sure to check them out!

Logistics Manager

Receive, analyze and process booking information from the Customer in order to identify.

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Truck Driver

Driving a heavy vehicle from one point to another, with or without a load

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Automotive mechanic

Ability to properly inspect and locate additional required maintenance or repairs.

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Pilot Instructor

Provide instruction for initial, transition, upgrade and recurrent flight training in accordance.

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Warehouse manager

Inspect equipment and components for current, continuity and voltage.

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